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How to Use Joico Lumishine 4VV with 20 Volume Developer

Lifting or adding more color to your hair is one super trick to enhancing your look. A well-done hair dyeing with the suitable color and developer exudes some level of elegances.

Knowing what color shades go well with your hair and the most appropriate developer to use is a huge plus.

Hair colors are used with developers as activators to help penetrate the hair shafts to create a long-lasting effect.

Some hair colors and developers give permanent results, while some are temporary.

Joico Lumishine, used with 20 volume developer, will give you a lifetime experience as the spark added to your hair isn’t a moment but a permanent one.

Directions for Use

Using Joico Lumishine 4VV with 20 volume developer is quite simple.

While some may be premixed during manufacturing, knowing each ingredient’s ratio is important as the color crème and the developer may be availed separately.

The premixed ones are easy to use as the shades are already sorted.

Where no premixing was done, you must develop the correct amount of Lumishine suitable for use with the volume 20 developer.

An equal ratio of 1: 1 is recommended for both Joico Lumishine and the developer. Ensure you have the right viscosity to avoid unnecessary dripping during application.

You must have your developer in a mixing bowl first, then add your Lumishine color and mix thoroughly.

Leave the mixture to rest at room temperature or use heat for 5-35 minutes. The duration will determine the final look.

Benefits of Using Joico Lumishine 4VV With 20 Volume Developer

There is a thing or two about Joico Lumishine 4Vv that makes it stand out from other dyes. For one, Joico Lumishine gives your hair a refreshing feel while at the same time protecting it.

It can seal in moisture, and its softness protects your hair from breakages.

Joico Lumishine, while also providing a hundred percent gray hair coverage, is the most affordable color solution for almost all types of hair.

It has a long-lasting effect on hair and brings a unique level of vibrancy. With Lumishine, arginine is well replenished, which aids color infiltration into the cortex of the air, causing the results to last longer.

The fragrance exuded by this product is quite soothing.

How do you mix joico LumiShine with developer

Tips to Consider When Choosing Hair Color/ Dye

Consider the natural color of your hair. Deciding on the final shades or shades to add to your hair will most likely be guided by the original color of your hair.

Based on the color of your hair, you may need to use lighter or dense colors together with a suitable developer to get the desired final aesthetic.

Different people may be seeking to have their hair complexion darkened, but depending on the primary color, each demands different types of dyes.

Keep in mind the type of your hair. Each person has some unique characteristics when it comes to their hair. The kind of dye that works for another person may not work for you as you may have different hair types.

fine or thin hair requires lighter colors and less intense hair developers. This is because dyes and strong hair developers are known to cause dryness, leading to hair breakage.

On the other hand, coarse and thick hair demand dense colors and developers for them to be able to take effect.

A 20-volume hair developer is suitable for most dyes and is thus recommended for Joico Lumishine 4VV.

You may want to factor in the cost of different colors. Dyes are sold differently based on their distinctive characteristics.

Permanent colors will most certainly cost more than temporary ones.

You will also realize that as some hair dyes are sold separately from hair developers, others come hand in hand with the specific hair developer they should be mixed with.

The cost of a two-in-one dye will undoubtedly be higher than that of buying separately and, in some instances, vice versa.

It is worth noting that a hair color that comes with a particular hair developer is highly recommended. Not using the right developer may have detrimental effects on your hair which could be more damaging.

Consider your access to professional hairdressing services. When not well applied, hair colors and developers may adversely affect your hair and not bring out the desired color shades.

Before settling for a complex color shade and a higher volume hair developer, ask yourself whether you can access a qualified hairdresser to apply it to your hair.

Poor application may end up getting your hair messy.

Final Word

Having the desired hair shades should not be an issue. Joico Lumishine 4VV applied with a 20-volume developer will give you a long-lasting, elegant look you will never regret.

With the proper application, Joico Lumishine is a friendly hair dye that sure will not disappoint you.

It is always advisable to have a qualified hairdresser dye your hair for better results.

Doing it in person may not be a good idea either, as it may not be perfect.

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