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Can I use 40 Volume Developer To Lighten Hair Without Bleach?

Hair coloring or lightning first started about 3000 B.C. in the Roman Empire. Become an integral part of modern fashion, for advertising prostitutes wear lightened hair.

Modern hair dye was invented 150 years ago by August Wilhelm von Hofmann. He modified William Henry Perkins’ surprisingly created coloring agent into Para-phenylenediamine (PPD).

To modernize the style, people used to lighten their hair.

“If you can’t change your surroundings, change your hair color.”

Brittany Murphy

People use different products for lightening hair, including bleaching powder with other labeled Volume Developers. Today we will talk about a 40-volume developer.

What Does A 40 Volume Developer Do?

40 Volume Developer helps to achieve great brightest & lightest results on the first try. It can boost hair dye bleach and increase the color light.

These can also affect the formula by stabilizing and maximizing it.

The job of a Hair Developer

  • Hair developers open hair cuticles.
  • Each hair developer for stripped hair developer allows the pigment.
  • To ensure the best color, activate the dye.

Depending on Hydrogen Peroxide, different volume developers are named.

Equivalent Developer Strengths

  • 10 Volume 3 % peroxide.
  • 20 Volume 6 % peroxide.
  • 30 Volume 9 % peroxide.
  • 40 Volume 12 % peroxide.

40 Volume lightens your hair very dark and very quickly. Do not use this on the scalp. If you do not do these correctly, it could cause chemical burns and hair fallout.

40 Volume Developer also could work as a bleach booster, which we mentioned before. Let’s find out what part of bleach is during hair lightening.

Can I use a 40 volume creme developer by itself to strip my hair color

Role of Bleach During Hair Lighten

Nowadays, bleaching has become the most popular hair-lightening trend. It is a chemical dye technique to strip the light of hair strands.

It is consisted of two chemical agents to perform the specific job:

Alkaline Agent: Our hair cuticle is open by it.

Oxidative Agent: Melanin is responsible for our hair’s natural color. This agent dissolves the melanin and penetrates our hair cortex as long as this agent’s active artificial color can highlight adequately.

But bleach is very harmful to hair. Because of the heavy use of bleach, your hair becomes very frizzy by wind, excess oil, dirt, and U.V. rays. Not only you but also you may face hair fall and split ends problems. Even it can slow down hair growth or stop it totally.

So, it is better to escape hair bleaching during hair coloring. Now you will look hot to do this job.

Lighten Hair: Using 40 Volume Developer Without Bleach

You may find many ways on google to lighten, only using 40 volume developer alone or shampoo. However, this process did not come with good results.

Here is a step-by-step guideline and DIY trick to lighten hair only using a 40-volume developer.

Using a 40-volume developer alone overall is not a good idea. It contains strong 12% peroxide, which is dangerous and causes hair fall.

So, when you use it, follow the rules to be safe.

  • Please do not use it at home. Apply with professionals or hair experts.
  • Leave for less than 20 minutes to escape hair damage.
  • Use as a cream developer.
  • Apply 2 inches far from the hair root.
  • Part your hair equally into four to five sections.
  • After completing the time limit, use shampoo and conditioner to clean it.

Now you know what to do or not to do, let’s start the primary job of lightening your hair with a 40-volume developer.

Tools Needed:

  • 40 Volume Developer.
  • Shower Cap.
  • Small Bowl.
  • Hair Clips.
  • Dyeing Brush.

Firstly, divide your hair into 4 to five equal parts and secure each with hair clips in each domain. This section ensures to cover the whole area for best results.

Secondly, Take a small bowl and add the cream from a 40-volume developer to complete the main task. If it’s your first time, it is better to use a 30 or 20-volume developer.

Thirdly, you take the developer from the bowl and apply it to your hair using the dyeing brush. An alternative to brush use can also use an old toothbrush for dyeing. As mentioned, do not touch your hair root; keep a distance of two inches. Then using the brush apply the developer to every section properly.

Finally, after completing every part, use the shower cap that covers your hair for 20 minutes. If you do not get your expected level of lift or light, you can also leave them for 10 minutes. Remove the developer for hair using shampoo and conditioner.

Is it possible to lighten black hair with 40-volume

Why Do People Only Use 40 Volume Developers?

We have tried to find the reason behind using a 40 Volume developer to lighten hair without bleach. Let’s have a look at the reasons:

Save Money: Lightening without bleach is cheap compared to the cost of bleach powder.

Rapid Process: For using directly without bleach, developers give a great result in a short period. A maximum of 20 minutes is enough for lightning properly. If you leave them for a long time, you may face hair fall, hair damage, and skin and scalp burning problems.

Achieve High Lift: To achieve a higher level lift, 5 to 8 people use this 12% peroxide (40 Volume Developer).

Noticeable: To gating, a bold color than other processes using this developer is a much safer tool. From your present level, you can get a higher lift with subtle results.

To use a 40-volume developer alone is a dangerous task. Hair specialists always suggest using bleach. If you find it as expensive or effective for hair, then you can use natural bleach also.

Alternative Of Bleach: Lighten Naturally

Chemical bleach power is expensive and responsible for hair damage. That’s why many people find alternative natural bleach. The resource given below is entirely homemade and has no side effects.

Chamomile Tea

It is a slow but effective method of natural bleach. Take one medium pot of Chamomile tea and boil up to remain one-fourth. Use it to wash your hair as usual with a few tablespoons of remaining chamomile tea to your conditioner.

Vitamin C

The chemical form of vitamin c is ascorbic acid. Take 12 vitamin C 500mg tablets and your regular shampoo. Now crush the tablets properly and mix them with the shampoo. Do not use a ton of shampoo; take enough for one rinse. Use the mixture as regular shampoo and leave it for five minutes.

Honey With Vinegar

Like volume developers, honey also contains a few amounts of hydrogen peroxide. On the other hand, vinegar adds some acidity with hydrogen peroxide and gives you fantastic bleaching agents. To avoid hair damage, it is better to use olive or coconut oil with the final mixture.

To wrap it all up, without bleach, 40 Volume Developer works well. It is a higher form of hydrogen peroxide. So it has some severe side effects on hair. Use it correctly with the help of a professional and enjoy the light.

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