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How effective is using Ion Color Brilliance Sapphire on dark brown hair?

Ion Color Brilliance Sapphire can be used on dark brown hair.

It is also for any hair that has been dyed to a darker shade.

The Ion Color Brilliance Sapphire comes in many colors that are not permanent but semi-permanent.

What Results can I Expect?

It will not appear over your dark brown hair if it is too dark. It can be used to enhance highlights or cover gray in your hair when you are coloring it.

Ion Color Brilliance Sapphire also offers many different semi-permanent colors, so expect the color to last for several days when applied correctly.


You will need to follow the instructions on the box, but usually, this product comes with a tube of color and developer.

You mix equal parts of both in a bowl until fully combined. Please apply to your hair from roots to tips after it is dry from washing, then dry it with a hairdryer.

You can apply heat to set the color if you use these products, which is usually advisable if your hair has never been dyed before.

Can you use Ion color brilliance on Brown hair


To maintain this color in your hair, you should wash it in cool water and avoid products that contain sulfates.

You should also stick to a semi-permanent dye if you want the color to last longer, as permanent dyes can fade on their own after a while.

Any Special Preparation?

This product can be purchased at stores that sell hair dye, like Sally Beauty Supply. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the dye.

It would be best to comb any tangles in your hair before applying them.

Wear gloves when you are working with the dye.

You will need a bowl, sticks to mix the color with, and hair clips if you plan to apply this product to your entire head.


This product is not known to damage your hair.

It should be shampooed out thoroughly after it is applied to avoid staining your skin or other objects.

Potential Side Effects?

This product contains many chemicals that can irritate your skin if you get them on yourself, so wear gloves when applying it, and be careful around sensitive areas like your face and scalp.

It can also burn your eyes if it gets into them by accident, so avoid contact with the dye and rinse it off with cool water if this happens.

Using Ion Color Brilliance?

The time needed to apply this product will vary depending on how dark your hair is and how long you want the color to last.

Follow the instructions with your product to know when it is completely applied, and no more dye will be taken in by your hair.

How do you use Ion color brilliance in Sapphire

How effective?

This product can be used on dark brown hair if it has not been dyed too much darker; however, it may not show up very well.

It might be better to combine this dye with another darker product for the color to stand out more.

What Special Precautions?

When applying this product, ensure your hair is dry and avoid skin close to your scalp, like around your face.

Wear gloves when applying the product.

If you are planning to dye your entire head with this product, make sure it does not end up in your eyes by accident; if it does get into your eyes accidentally, immediately rinse it out thoroughly with cool water.

The Good Stuff
  • Relatively gentle.
  • Vibrant shades that won’t fade quickly.
  • No damage to hair, shine, and conditioning.
  • Coverage for grays or previous lousy dye jobs.
The Bad Stuff
  • It gets a red tone if too much is applied.
  • Not for use on hair more than 2-3 levels darker or more than 1 level lighter.
  • This may cause the color to appear dull and flat.

Final Word

To sum up, ion Color Brilliance Sapphire is the most convenient product. It has no smell or fumes and doesn’t need any gloves or mixed with other substances, making it very easy to handle.

It contains silk protein that will protect your hair during the process to leave it shiny, smooth, and healthy.

If you want a fast way to lighten your dark brown hair without any peroxide smell or bleaching effects, ion Color Brilliance Sapphire is your best option.

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